Friday, April 26, 2013

7 quick takes, vol. 5, baby edition

1. I have news. And it's not public yet, but here goes: Baby number two is on the way!! I'll be honest, our immediate families know, and a large handful of friends know, but it hasn't otherwise been "made public." But, seeing as we are seven weeks along, I don't feel like trying to avoid the topic in my blog for the next month and a half until the first trimester is over. In fact, even though with Tommy we told virtually no one until the 12 week mark, I'm feeling like I don't think that's necessary anymore. Am I nervous for the baby's health and hoping and praying every day that the baby is safe and thriving? Yes. But if God has other plans, then at least we have family and friends who can support and love us.

2. Can you tell I've been dying to write about this? It's so hard keeping something like this a secret. Now that I got that #1 ramble out, I have to say this- we are so excited for this baby. I am thrilled that Tommy and baby number two will only be 18 months apart. I love the idea that when they look back on being kids they will most likely only have memories that include the other. I think that's so neat, and I can't wait to see who this little person ends up being.

3. Nausea. Nausea is my constant companion, just like with Tommy. No puking. Just nausea. And weird food aversions. So far I've found myself feeling icky at the thought/sight/smell of almond butter, which is a shame, and this morning it was coffee. If you know me you know that mornings=coffee, so after making a pot this morning and being totally put off by it, I was pretty sad. The problem with the nausea is that I don't want to eat, but only eating makes it better, and 9 times out of 10 the foods that help are foods that I probably shouldn't be eating. But I will do pretty much anything to not feel this nauseous anymore, so I am just praying it will only stick around a few more weeks.

4. I had forgotten how real the fatigue is when you are pregnant. A big part of me is afraid that the people around me, mostly Pat, think I'm faking being so worn out. But about 75% of my days the last week or so seem like they've been spent just sitting on the couch watching Tommy play with his toys. I feel bad, and I really hope my energy levels bounce back because right now I just feel like a lazy bum.

5. We went to the doctor on Tuesday and got to have an ultrasound. With Tommy, we didn't have one until we were much further along, so I had no idea what to expect, and didn't know that we would be able to see and hear the heartbeat so soon. It was amazing, and totally confirmed for me that this is really happening.

6. Funny story about the ultrasound- Obviously right now the baby is about the size of a pea. Tiny. I took a photo of the ultrasound picture and sent it to my mom. Basically it looks like a large black dot with a few small white dots in the center. The white dots are the baby. This was the conversation that ensued:

Mom- "Is that the baby's back?"
Me- "No, the dot is the baby."
Mom- "The black dot?"
Me- "No, the little white dots in the middle of the black dot. The baby is only half a centimeter long."
Mom- "What are the little white dots?"
Me- "That's the baby."

I'm still not sure she quite understood what she was looking at, and it really made me laugh.

7. This blog is a tad sad in that I have no fun pregnancy announcement, no ultrasound photo to share or picture of the (already?!?!) baby bump that I swear I am getting. I just needed to get it out that I am carrying a little life inside, and it is filling me with joy all the time (and nausea...and intense fatigue...but mostly joy). I'm trying not to be afraid because I know that this life is already, has always been, and always will be in God's hands. So here's to giving Tommy a little brother or sister, and here's to being able to write about it in my blog if I feel like it. :)

It only seems appropriate to direct you now to the founder of the quick takes, who just brought home her precious little one from the NICU. Praise God! Happy Friday!

(p.s. if anyone who calls me friend happens upon this post and doesn't yet know the news, I'm sorry! We will hopefully be letting more people in on it soon, but until then are trying to keep it on the DL...I guess that's kind of ironic since I just shared it on the internet, but oh well. If you are just stumbling across my blog and I don't know you, thanks for reading.)


J_Hylander said...

YAY! Congratulations!!!!

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And I figure a pregnant bridesmaid is allowed to make crazy, DIY last minute alterations to her own dress, if necessary, right? Right?!