Friday, April 5, 2013

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 3

1. Sick babies are no fun. Tommy has had a viral cough and an excessively runny and snotty nose, about which I can do absolutely nothing. I feel terrible for him. Perhaps the worst part is that he has a tendency to sneeze out copious amounts of snot and then suck said snot into his mouth. It's disgusting.

2. Speaking of sick babies, Co-sleeping is not my friend. Last night was the first night in almost a week that Tommy has slept in his own bed. It was glorious. When I was just a new mama, and Tommy was a newborn I read too much information on co-sleeping, a la Dr. Sears and others, who like to make it sound like you are banishing your baby to spend a lonely, secluded night in a cage where no one will respond to their cries if you decide to use a crib, in a nursery instead of co sleep. I felt terrible for a while about the crib/nursery thing until I realized that with Tommy sleeping in our bed, one of us had to sleep on the couch, because there was no room (Patrick), and the other one of us hardly slept at all. It's important for mama and daddy to get some sleep too, so I got over it. What I'm trying to say is bravo to all of you that co sleep because I just can't do it. I want my bed back.

3. This week has been long, but awesome because we've gotten to/will be getting to see a few friends that we haven't seen in a while. Holly flew in from Denver, and early yesterday morning Tom and I went and had IHOP with her for breakfast, during which Tom not so sneakily snuck his hand onto her plate and stole blueberries, which was pretty cute. Today, in about an hour, a friend from College, John, who we haven't seen since our wedding is coming for lunch. It's great to catch up with old friends!

4. Crossfit is going SO well. Even though during most of the workouts (allright, I've only been to three actual classes so far, but still) I have a moment where I think "OMG." I really am loving it, and I think its good for me for a lot of reasons. I get some much needed time to myself, to do something to make myself better, I've found something that is challenging and that I actually enjoy doing in the exercise department, which I thought would never happen, and I'm making some new friends.

5. Speaking of new friends, and Crossfit, there's a girl in my class who has a ten year old. Yesterday during our warmup, we were supposed to be jumping rope. She came over to me and said "you've had a baby right? Ok, so you know why I can't jump rope." We bonded over the fact that our bodies (read: bladder control) have not returned to their pre-baby glory in certain areas, and got permission from Jim to sit out jump roping from now on if we need to. Good times! Nothing like your brother-in-law knowing that jumping rope makes you pee your pants.

6. I am running out of quick takes, so I asked my husband if he had anything to contribute. His contribution: Did you mention that we are having a seven pound rump roast for dinner tomorrow night?

7. Wedding season is about to be upon us starting in a few weeks. Two of my closest girls, both of whom I've known since pre school are getting married, one in June, and the other in July, less than a month later. Bring on the showers, bachelorette parties, bridesmaids dresses and so much fun! I am really excited, and thrilled for both of them. They've both snagged wonderful guys and I can't wait to be a witness on their big days.

Not the most exciting seven takes every, but for more, visit Jen!

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Ellen said...

#5 just made my day!