Monday, November 22, 2010

Bring it.

We've been engaged almost a month now, and I daily realize just what an adventure this engagement, and our marriage will be. We are about to start really trying to figure out, and plan out where our lives will be taking us in the next few years. For about a million reasons, this is a really exciting, but somewhat stressful time. But I'm also realizing that becoming engaged is only the first of many, many, many leaps of faith. In some ways, that decision was the easiest one. I am so incredibly blessed to be with the person that God has been planning for me to be with, and I realize regularly that even if I don't think I could possibly love him more, it keeps on happening. I can't imagine being with anyone else, and sharing my life with anyone else. Right away God started to give me opportunities to trust Pat as my future husband, and He is already giving us a lot of situations where we really need to rely on Him. In short, we'll be finding out for sure very soon where Pat will be going next semester, and where we will potentially be next year after we get married. And right now, the answer to that question seems to be....New Jersey. First of all, I don't know anything about New Jersey haha. But I've been amazed by the peace God has given me when it comes to following Pat wherever his mission takes him. Going so far away doesn't scare me, because I know we'll be tackling everything together. Even though I know it won't be easy, I trust Pat's judgment and his courage in being willing to go so far away for the sake of bringing people closer to Christ. the hardest thing for me right now is trusting in what I'm doing here at camp. Because at this point in our lives, everything has shifted from individual decisions to joint decisions. If i decide to stay or leave, it will be because it's what I believe is the best thing for US. And i know that I can trust Pat to make decisions for us, and for our family. It seems so crazy sometimes to be talking and thinking about us as a unit, and as a soon to be family, but the transition has also been so natural. When you love someone enough to give them you're life, the sacrifices are easier, and there doesn't seem to be anything you wouldn't do for their peace and happiness. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm ready to go wherever God leads us, and wherever Pat leads me as my husband. If that means we move to Jersey, bring it on baby.

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