Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Okay...let me just say that I know that reality television is lame. But that doesn't keep me from watching it and getting totally sucked in. More often than not when I'm at home my mom and i get VERY into America's next top model. Again, lame. But something about it is very intriguing to me. There is always one thing that the judges in this contest say that strikes me a little bit. They tell the contestants to model from head to toe. From the tips of their fingers all the way down to the very tips of their toes. Something about this always makes me think about our spiritual lives. How much of my spiritual life am i actually living? Am i living a little or am i living all the way? How can we live for God from head to toe, in every moment? Something that i continue to realize, even in the midst of this dryness and confusion that I am feeling right now, is that if and when we invite God into our lives, He doesn't sift himself into our hearts a little at a time. He wants IN! He wants to totally consume us. If we are not completely overtaken by Him, it it because WE still have walls around our hearts, or we are not letting him into every corner of our hearts and minds. It's not because He's not ready, or not willing. I don't really have an answer to the question I'm posing, but i think its a good question to ask. What are we still holding back? What areas of our lives are we not allowing Him to be a part of? What is keeping us from loving him with all of ourselves- from our head to our toes?
Is there a moment in our lives that God is not a part of? No. He is in everything. But how much are we letting him participate? He has the power, and strength and mercy to give us the gift of loving Him from the tips of our fingers all the way down to our feet, if we would just get out of the way and let Him give it.

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