Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I am learning that every situation can bear fruit. This is really hard to see when you are in the middle of a tough situation, but it isn't any less true. And sometimes even if the fruit that a situation bears seems small to us, it can make all the difference in the way that we react to things that happen to us in our lives. A problem arises, though, when we expect a situation to bear fruit for our lives in a specific way. Sometimes we miss out on the ways that God is working, when we are anxiously expecting what we think the most fruitful outcome might be. I find that i am usually wrong. I need to learn to let God direct my eyes and heart to the blessings that he brings to my life. Instead of training my eyes in a certain direction, expecting the blessing I want, I need to train my eyes on Him and let HIM show me. And when i least expect it, He will whisper to my heart, and direct my sight to blessings that are so much greater than anything I can imagine for myself. There are no hopeless situations.

Love is a fruit, in season at all times.
-Mother Theresa

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