Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Turn around.

Our intimates...they are the people who know the depths of us, as much as any other human being can. They know and experience our joys as well as our despair. One of my intimates, one of the people in my life whose heart is caught up in the same web as mine, always says "I am daily convinced that I know the best people in the world." I thoroughly believe this to be true of my life. This year has been hard, and I've found myself confronted by a lot of pain and trial. But all i can see in this moment when i look back is the joy. Even in suffering there is joy. Even when we feel completely lost and confused, there can be peace. I think that one of the reasons for this in my own life is because of the people i am surrounded with everyday. These people-who are sinners, like me, and lost like me, and yearning like I am-are the presence of God in my life, reminding me that even in painful situations we can turn to find peace, joy, Christ. There is a song by Lucy Schwartz that I can't stop listening to called Turn Back Around. To put it bluntly, this is one of those songs that probes my heart and really moves me. It's one of those songs that when you hear it you feel like everything is gonna be okay. I feel like I'm being confronted with so many decisions and there is a part in this song that says:

I'm making my way day by day comin back to you.
Here unafraid of the path that I choose.
So I turn, turn, turn, I turn back around.

Let's live unafraid of the path that we choose. When we walk with Christ we don't have to wonder and be afraid that we are choosing the wrong way. We have already chosen HIM. HE IS the way. Christ had intimates of his own. We were created for love. I am daily convinced that the Good Lord has placed these people in my life for a reason. It is so encouraging to sit and to have a real conversation, to bake a pie, to see the BEAUTY it everything.

Love will hold us together. Let's turn around and take notice.

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