Monday, September 22, 2008

So...i guess im sort of a blogspot junkie huh...i mean this is my second post on this blog in the past twenty four hours, and i also wrote an entry in my italy blog. But i didnt want to pass up an opportunity to write about how great God is.
I guess its safe to say ive been a little bit lonely lately...and although everything i wrote last night still holds true as far as the state of my heart is concerned, God provides. Pretty much right as i was finishing up writing last night, i noticed that lenny was on facebook, so i started talking to her, and it was exactly what i needed. We talked about our hearts, and the similar situations that we are finding ourselves in, and exchanged prayer requests, and just got to be present to each other...and even though it was only a few minutes, it was exactly what i needed.
Not only that but this morning, i got a message from steph, just checking up on me to see how things were going. Both of those things are pretty simple occurences, but they wrapped themselves around my heart in a way that was just what i needed. The amount of camp love that i have felt in the last day really got me to thinking about one of the most important things that i learned this summer. Camp taught me to push through. No matter what trial or hurt we are dealing with, the love of Christ allows us to move through and past those things that are weighing us down, and not only that but, most importantly, to do it with joy in our hearts. No matter how weary or worn we become, Christ is the force that strengthens us so that we can continue to praise him through anything. Max Lucado said, 'No, we dont give up...we look up, we trust, we believe, and our optimism is not hollow. Christ has proven worthy. He has shown that he ever fails. Thats what makes God, God.'
Never miss a chance to pour yourself out for others, to give everything that you have to reveal to them the love of Christ that always lies in your heart. Dont ignore the hope that you have in Christ...continue to believe that he will always provide. After all, he knows us better than we know ourselves.

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