Friday, June 6, 2014

7 quick takes: or 7 things I might do in the next decade, if I get the time

It has been so long since I have written a post on the old (so old) blog, and even longer since I've done quick takes. There have been so many ideas buzzing around in my brain, and so many things on my long to do list that I thought I would share some of the projects that I might get accomplished sometime in the next million years if I ever get the time, or motivation to do them.

1. A pinterest worthy coffee table re do.
Our coffee table in our living room is a hand-me-down, and It is the most basic coffee table you can think of, it is brown, and now after two years of baby, it has started to warp on top due to all the water cup spillage, and it is sticky in the corners where the baby bumpers used to be before my toddler ripped them off. I am desperate to do something cool to it like paint it a ridiculous color. I am thinking either a bright yellow or turquoise might go really well in our living room, and it would be neat to paint the base, and then attach some stained boards to the top.

2. Building raised beds in our back yard.
This one is a dream of both Pat and I, and has a better chance of being accomplished sooner rather than later. BUT, while Pat is very handy and could probably build them in a few hours, neither one of us know anything about when to grow what, and how. We have a lot of research to do, and have probably already missed our window for planting alot of the things we'd like to. It might be a project for next year.

3. Dust off the guitar and find a good open mic night.
Back home in St. Louis there is a coffee place right across the street from my dad's business that has the best open mic night you have ever been to. The music is amazing, the people are great, and the coffee is excellent. I used to go almost every week when I lived there (I played once back when two of my friends and I from Benedictine had a band). Some open mic nights you go to, and the music is less than great, and sometimes awkward. Not so with this place. Every single person that played was amazing, and there was even crowd participation on a few occasions, which was just too much fun. I have only ever done an open mic night with other people, but have always wanted to do it by myself, because goodness knows I love to play some good cover songs. HOWEVER, I have yet to find anything comparable to this in Kansas City, so if anyone knows where I might look, I would love to know.

4. Find some good toddler arts and crafts ideas that dont make me want to pull out my hair.
I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that as much as I like to do crafty things myself, there have never been many toddler art activities going on in this house. Tommy is now two, and he just painted for the first time about a week ago, and it only lasted for about three minutes because he hated it. Hated. IT. I have no idea why. Every once in a while we pull out the crayons, but you know how short attention spans can be. I really want to do so me fun crafty things with him, but I just dont know what to do, and am very skeptical about whether or not he will actually be interested. But I think it could be a good way to break up our day too, so I am open open open.

5. Purge.
I have been on a very big organization kick in our house. All kinds of stuff is going in the trash, and its awesome. But our basement is full of crap, and I really would like to get my husbands permission to just toss anything that we havent touched our looked at in the last six months into the trash so I never have to think about it again, or try to find new places to store things. As much as I don't want to waste a million envelopes that are taking up an entire storage container in the basement, I just dont know what else to do with them.

6. Build a new wardrobe.
In a rush of organizational inspiration a few months ago I donated about 75% of the clothes that were being stored in bins that didn't fit, courtesy of two pregnancies. It felt good. I now have a very small, non functional, and hole-y wardrobe that is not doing me any favors. This one is going to require some saving and some research and a lot of shopping, but I would love to have somewhat of a capsule wardrobe, with higher quality pieces of clothing. I don't need a lot, since I am staying at home and don't have much else going on, but even my go to pair of yoga pants now has a hole in them. It's time.

7. Stick to a cleaning schedule.
I like things to be clean. But lately, all I have time for is straightening up, dishes, and laundry and it seems like everything else has fallen by the wayside. I would love to be able to stick to a schedule so that things like the bathroom, and the floors etc. actually get cleaned on a semi regular basis so that I don't have to walk into the kitchen in the morning and find that there is a hunk of dried pulled pork stuck to the bottom of my foot. I love the idea of a schedule, but thus far have found it difficult to stick to. Maybe I need to challenge myself to stay on track with a schedule for a month or so and then see how I feel about it, and how it affects my stress level.

Join Jen for more quick takes, and have a wonderful Friday! I hope you accomplish something great today!

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