Monday, November 12, 2012


There's something that is really resonating in my heart today that I want to share, and it has to do with the following statement: Gratitude turns what we have into enough. I know this to be true, but I have a heck of a time most days taking the time to be grateful for what I've been given. It's easy to feel grateful for my husband and son-they are right in front of me, loving me, and opening themselves to my love every day, and I thank God for them regularly. It's not so easy to be grateful for the little things though. When I eat, even if I pray beforehand, I rarely take the time to be truly grateful for what goes into my body. I hardly ever take the time to be grateful for the clothes on my back, and my warm home. It's almost surprising to me that I consider things like food, clothing, and shelter as "little things"...I take for granted so easily the things that many people are struggling for. And then there are still the even littler things-being grateful for a quiet moment to sit and drink my coffee in the morning while the baby naps; being grateful for the extra long shower, the five more minutes of sleep, the phone call from a friend. When I write about these things now, I'm aware again-they're not so little. They are great gifts! Then there are the things that I'd rather not be grateful for at all, but that are gifts from God nonetheless. Perhaps I need more grace to be grateful for the hour it took me to put the baby down for his nap -next time, instead of getting frustrated, I will be grateful that God is giving me the extra time to show love for my son. Perhaps I should be grateful that even though money is tight, it gives us the freedom to live simply, and to surrender our lifestyle and finances to God. Even harder still is being grateful when we suffer. Being a ball of anxious thoughts and panic is something that I have learned to deal with in my life, but it's not easy to find a silver lining, or to be thankful. But perhaps I can, and should, be grateful that God is giving me an opportunity to trust him, to draw closer to him. Gratitude turns what we have into enough. The more thankful I can be the for home I have, the food that nourishes me, the generous support of the people that provide our salary to live this missionary lifestyle, the more I come to realize that we truly have more than we need, and we are infinitely blessed. Gratitude turns what I have to give into enough. There are days when everything seems to go wrong, and I feel like I'm failing over and over again. But I know that if I turn to God with a grateful heart, even in my failings, he will give me the peace to know that because I am trying my best, what I have to give...what I have to offer, is enough. Gratitude turns who I am as a person, created by God, into enough. When I can look at myself through the lens of the heart of God, thankful for the gifts He's given me to share, and thankful for the places that I am weak and need to rely on Him and on others, I can see that the way he created me has purpose, and who I am is enough. Today I am grateful for alot of things. Here are a few: The 8 hours of sleep I got last night. My baby's smiles when I went in to pick him up this morning. Time well spent with a new friend. Kisses and love from my husband. The realization that no matter how hard I try, and how many times I fail, I will never be a perfect mom, but I am already the best mom for my son because I am ME. Hugs, snuggles and holding my baby close. A reminder from the Lord to be patient, and to trust in his timing. Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

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