Sunday, September 26, 2010


Me (finishing up the dishes) : Do you need me to help you set up for the bonfire?
Eric: No I think I got it. You're done for the night.
Me: Well...if you don't need my help I think that this floor and i have a date (looks at really gross floor)
Eric: You don't have to do that.
Me: I want to.
Eric: Are you sure? I just want to make sure you know that I'm not gonna make you do it.
Me: I know...but i really want to. It's gross.
Eric: Okay. As long as you know that I'm not making you.
Me: I know.


This is just an example of one of many similar conversations between Eric and I. Besides the fact that I've recently come to terms with the fact that I have a bit of OCD, I really have found over the last few months that I like to clean. Somehow, it serves as a way to de-stress, to be able to look around the kitchen/dorm/living room etc. and see everything in its place. And I really like doing the dishes oddly enough. It's not all fun and games though- Eric and I did have a day a few weeks ago that we deemed "dirty jobs day." We did some pretty gross cleaning that day...there was lots of mold. But still. Being able to look at something that was once dirty, or maybe really disgusting and seeing it clean, knowing that you cleaned it...something about that really satisfies me. Which is why i was inspired the other night to stay behind in the kitchen and keep cleaning. When i came to camp I didn't have many assumptions about what God was going to teach me while I was here. I've only been here two months, but one theme continues to crop up in my prayer, and in my daily work over and over. Cleaning. God has been speaking to me pretty plainly about cleaning. I know it sounds weird, but think about it. Somehow all the while that I've been cleaning, Christ has been cleaning me too. God is alot of things. He is a father, a friend, a brother. We look around and see His face in all sorts of different people. For me lately, God has been the meticulous janitor-sweeping and scrubbing, and mopping up the hurt and sin and darkness inside of me. And He's been showing me just how meticulous He is during all of the scrubbing, mopping and cleaning I've been doing here at camp. Sometimes it tempting to sweep the dirt under the rug, to give the counters a quick once over with a wet rag, spot mop and call it a day. But God doesn't do that kind of cleaning. He doesn't sweep things under the rug so He can get back to them later. He doesn't just wipe things down with soapy water, and ignore the crud in the corners. He pays attention to every detail. Continuing with this cheesy metaphor, He uses the most heavy duty cleaning products-He scrubs, he labors over every spot and imperfection, and when He's done he stands back and glories in the way that we shine like new. Just like the cleaning that we do here, for Him it isn't a one time, done deal. The only difference is that as God's children, we need to ask Him to clean us out. Unfortunately, the dishes don't ask me to wash them, and then say thank you when I'm finished. But other than that, I've learned to take so much more care when it comes to cleaning even the darkest corner, because I know that God is showing me what He can do for me-making it clear to me that He will take as much care as possible to make sure that I am just like new.

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