Thursday, May 6, 2010

My life is insane. I realize i haven't written anything down anywhere about how insane my life is lately. I recently (a few weeks ago) decided that next year I am going to be a missionary at Camp RockyVine in Dutzow, MO. and I just need to state that the fact that this is my reality is completely and utterly due to God's love for me, and His providence in my life. The very same day i decided not to go to the interview in Arizona, Jon called me with this opportunity, and low and behold, in August i am moving to the middle of nowhere MO to love God and share his love with other people, and live in the basement of a chapel for a year. I could not be more confused about what the next year will hold for me, but i know beyond the shadow of a doubt that this is what God wants for my life for the next year. God is incomparably faithful when we surrender our lives to Him.

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