Saturday, April 10, 2010

(More than) Three beautiful things

1. Food blogs. Who would have thought that reading food blogs could literally suck me in for hours and make me wish that i lived in a tiny apartment somewhere using all of the money that i make at my meaningless job to buy ingredients, and make fabulous food. Even now, i just want to blow off my homework and go use what little money i have to try out some of the recipes I've found.
2. Holding hands. what could be more simple, and more beautiful than that.
3. Laughing. Last night was all about laughing for me. The movie we saw, watching the couple at the restaurant across from us sitting on the same side of the booth, just seizing the opportunity to act like a kid and laugh at nothing at all.
4. Thinking something, and then having someone say..."Hey, you know what..." and they say exactly what you were just thinking. This is rare, but when it happens everything just seems like its right.
5. Simplicity. Knowing that where you are is where you want to be, and that what you're doing is what you should be doing. Not grasping for something else, but being content with what you have, and who you are.
6. There are three weeks left of my college career. I have two papers to finish, three presentations to give, 12 hours of community service to complete, one unnecessarily massive research paper to write with the research team. But soon it will all be over, and I'll finally be free of the stress that I've been trying to shake the past four years.
7.There are three weeks left of my college career.

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