Sunday, May 4, 2008


I love this secret. It's honest, and i wish that more people felt this way. Sometimes i think that for some people, it is the drama of life that keeps them going. There always seems to be something going wrong, or they might try to find a conflict somewhere in their life, even if everything is going well. Some people just thrive on having to deal with a problem, or finding issues with their lives, or with themselves, that need fixing. The rare ones are those that can look at their lives, even in the midst of any problems that may arise, and be genuinely happy and content with where things are going, and who they are becoming, without speculation about any negative possibilities. Being able to look at ourselves that be able to look inward and be happy with what we see is so important. There's nothing wrong with being proud to be who we are, and proud of progress that we've made. What a great feeling to know that you are becoming the person you always wanted to be.
For every negative that we dwell on, there is a positive...if not multiple positives that, if we focused on those instead, would clear our minds and give us a fresh outlook on life and on ourselves. In the end, it doesn't matter what other people might think about the lives that we lead, or about who we are...if we can't look at ourselves at the end of the day, and be content, what does it matter?

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