Monday, April 28, 2008


This remains one of my favorite post secrets. I think it's true for me, and I think it is true for a lot of people. Sometimes its easy to get caught up in time, and all of the things we have to do, or the things we want to accomplish, and we lose sight of why we do what we do, and why we are who we are. We get caught up in what we can get, and what the world can do for us, and sometimes we even sacrifice who we really are for the sake of things that we think we should want. Money, power, status...whatever. We are living lives smaller than the lives we were meant to live. We have turned ourselves into a shell, someone who does what they have to do to get by.
I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I want to live big. I want to take chances. I want to confront terrifying situations, and take them head on. I don't want to plan, and speculate any more. I don't want to look at life and wonder what it can offer me, or how i can become the best human being that I can. I want to be the best me. I want to live for the sake of living, rejoicing in the truth that that is why God put me here. I want to open my eyes to little things that I've ignored for so long. I don't want to have any expectations. I guess this takes some passivity on my part. I need to just let God work. But it also takes action. I can't just sit back and wait for my life to start, or get exciting or take a turn for the better. I'm living right now. This is it. We have one chance to be on this earth, to be happy, and to make an leave a mark. We need to live big. And we need to dream big...but be satisfied when our dreams don't turn out the way we plan. Although we may not realize it, our dreams don't even compare to the dreams the Father has for us. Who are we to not make use of this life?
Part of living a big life, and a full life has to be rejoicing in the small things. I want to end by writing my beautiful things for the day in here, instead of in my notebook. These aren't all from today, but i just remembered a few from the past week:

1. Sarah and i walked to dinner a few nights ago, and it was so nice that i rolled up my pant legs so i could feel the cool breeze on my knees.
2. Over the weekend, i went to the store with my dad. Seeing him press his little magnifying glass up to his eye to look at a diamond made me realize that that is how i will always remember him from my childhood.
3. Holding baby Will across my arm and taking him for a stroll around the house. I haven't felt as fulfilled as i did holding him in a long time.
4. My grandpa eating his birthday cherry pie and getting cherry all over his fingers, laughing at matt's jokes.

Good night

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