Monday, April 4, 2011

God is...

I read a book recently, and one of the characters had a practice of journaling about different attributes of God's personality. As a result, I've started trying to notice the ways that He's teaching me more about Himself in my daily life. Yesterday before mass, I was meditating, asking God what it is that I truly need from Him right now. I prayed for a new beginning for my heart (Who is our God, if not the God of second, third, and millionth chances?) and the image that he brought to my heart was that of a healer. Funny, that the Gospel reading for the day was the story of the blind man having his eyes opened by Jesus (Leave it to God to never leave a stone unturned when we open our hearts). However, God was seeing so perfectly into my soul in those few precious moments of quiet morning prayer, that He presented me with an image that I've been holding onto since. There are many scriptural references to healing water, but I had an image of myself standing under a steady pouring waterfall, with my arms outstretched, bathed in coolness...coming clean. Goodness covering me, drenching me completely, splashing everywhere around me, flowing without stopping. That's called mercy, I believe. Amazing that God would give me such an obvious baptismal image at my request that He begin something new in me. More amazing still is the smile I saw on my own face, upturned and ready, accepting it all-totally open. The feeling of refreshment, even after a long night at the hospital, even after a few really tough months. And the stirring of a promise in my heart that the reality of His cleansing does not have to be temporary, a momentary fleeting sense of peace...but something enduring. And God, the Healer asks me now to remain with open arms underneath his steady stream of mercy.

God is the Healer.

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