Monday, May 12, 2008


The older i get, the more i realize how alike my mom and I are. Since yesterday was mother's day I thought I'd write a little about her. My mom is amazing. She is beautiful, and goofy, and selfless, and incredibly talented in so many ways. I wish i had a scanner, and my favorite picture of my mom sitting here with me, because i think it would explain a lot of the reasons she is so great. But since I don't I'll just describe it. My mom was an art and photography major in college, and a few years ago i dug up a whole bunch of self portraits that she did. My favorite is a picture of her sitting on a old couch somewhere outside...i think probably in a scrap yard...wearing a plaid button down, and looking straight on at the camera. It's a stunning picture. And i think it says a lot about her. How talented she is, her calm personality. There is also another one of her sitting in an empty swimming pool with an umbrella. Enough said. She is so creative, and so articulate. Seeing her in those pictures is like seeing the creative, spunky person that I always wanted to grow up to be. She doesn't get a chance to show her talents off the world too much, and i wish that she did, but that's not who she is. She doesn't do things to get recognition, which is just another reason that she deserves it so much. And she is so giving. Besides raising me my entire life, not to mention just dealing with my dad and i, she is always taking care of other people...our family...our neighbors...her kids at school. I know that somewhere inside her is a whole mess of dreams that she had for her life, and still has for her life, and i hope that some of them came true. Well...i hope that eventually all of them come true. I hope that she is happy with the way her life turned out. I just can't wait to keep growing up, and have kids who will love her just as much as i do. I hope that i grow up to be as great of a mother as she has been to me.

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